Modern With a South east asian Twist

Nestled on the iconic corner of Short and Bay Streets, Bartiga ushers in a new era of dining in Double Bay. Emerging from the legacy of the cherished Café Perons, our restaurant represents a harmonious blend of Modern Australian cuisine infused with the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia.

Co-founded by Charlie Kelly and renowned Head Chef Faheem Noor, Bartiga is more than a restaurant—it's a celebration of culinary innovation, deep-rooted tradition, and the spirit of community.

Our Story

Our Story

Bartiga stands at the crossroads of past and future, embodying the vibrant evolution of Double Bay. Our name, meaning 'The Three of Us' in Bahasa, symbolises the strong bond between our founders and their shared vision for an unparalleled dining experience.

As we open our doors, we invite you to be part of our story. Explore our menu, savour our dishes, and let the flavours transport you to a world where tradition and innovation meet.

Our Story

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